Video Art on events

I like working together <3 collaborations~!

Video Jockey Hardware for Performances

Video Jockey Hardware for Performances

Video Jockey Hardware for Performances

Bottom left :

Midi controller [ mixer ] associated with VJ software Resolume.

Top left :

Preview output.

Middle :

Video output overlay mixer.

Laptop :

We often associate a camera to mix for live images . ***************************************************************

Some Hardware on stock:

  • LED wall
  • 12 Beamers
  • 40 Monitors screens in case
  • Matrox Triple Head to go
  • HD Camera's
  • Video over LAN
  • Streaming Online
  • Multiple Midi Controllers
  • 3D Video Mapping Sculptures

Audio Performance

Audio Performance

DJ Performance

  • Electro
  • Techno
  • 90ties
  • Rock

  • Voice
  • Samples
  • Beats
  • Audio Visual Synchronizing
  • hit "View More" for my recorded DJ sets!

    DJ / VJ Lessons

    DJ / VJ Lessons

    inspiring People so they also have the opportunity to share there skills and evolve the collective knowledge of human kind.

    Is there something more beautiful ? ... It's Not about the trick, everybody should have access to the learning materials...

    It's about Creating & Doing it right now! If you have the power to succeed, Share your inspiration of your goal... Push the collective Triving of Humanity!

  • *I give VJ/DJ lessons: From kids to older and for friends and neighbors @ Schools and Social meeting points.
  • Contact me if you want to exchange information!
  • Digital Creative Designer

    Digital Creative Designer

    Video Designer

    • Introductions
    • Recording live Video
    • Video Report
    • Documentary
    • Special Effects
    • Video Loops

    Online Designer

    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Social Plugins
    • Promotional website
    • 2D & 3D content

    Interactive Design

    • Protocols: midi / ocs / dmx
    • Motion tracking
    • 3D real scans

    BeeTribe is established to encourage.

    Cooperation between different types of disciplines This collaboration is essential. Our community consists of a wide range of disciplines, for example: animators, auto mechanics, bands, computer programmers, dancers, DJ's set designers, photographers, cooks, metal workers, organizers, artists, VJs, etc. By combining these forces can be pretty common projects are put down, including this benefit. |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| |||||| |||| ||| || |

  • " The art of living?
  • Realizing ideals that benefit us and inspire; aware of a happy life. People come together; friendships and collective ideas are realized in a creative way. Each carries with expertise and passion projects. Through the joint development of an audio-visual projects where shared ideals are expressed, we are a "tribe" where we work together on a larger entity through pollination of each other's products and services. Because of this, we feel like 'bees'. Thus arose the "BeeTribe" anno 2012.
  • Life as Art. "
  • Axz 2012



    The artists who I have been collaborated with

    on “Mooi weer spelen” Blikopener (Delft-NL), Electron (Breda-NL), Paradiso (Amsterdam-NL), Melkweg (Amsterdam-NL), Robodock (Amsterdam-NL), Counterculture (Utrecht-NL), Expo (Germany), Winter Conspiracy (Prague , Czech Republic ) and in many other locations have impressed me. I made ​​concerning interactive projects. I myself have therefore figments of interactive art projects. I get my inspiration for projects including in philosophy , psychology, science, architecture, design, art, nature and all other influences and experiences that get aroused my attention . In my own view links picture and sound I entertain myself and other people for some years. The draft forms in effects and technical aspects of projects and opportunities for development and collaborations that inspire .

    Cross Media Event Key Person

    Cross Media Event Key Person

    Core Business Events

    • Contact Person
    • Organizer
    • Supervisor
    • Adviser
    • Network stimulator

    Contact me for more info Axz